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Welcome to a place where community and projects come together to discuss the hottest topics in crypto in an informal and conversational way, just as if we were all poolside with our favorite refreshments in hand and enjoying a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

‘Poolside with Polkastarter’ is a series of thought-inciting content. We will be hosting the fun, relaxed and highly informative “Poolside with Polkastarter” sessions, bi-monthly, on Twitter Spaces.

Jump in the pool!

Twitter Spaces is the ultimate meeting point for audio conversations, enabling live, authentic, and engaging discussions between crypto heavyweights and the community.

Featuring one co-host and/or a moderator next to Polkastarter.
Up to 5 high profile speakers from the industry.
Answering community questions gathered from social.

The Podcast

After our live sessions, ‘Poolside with Polkastarter’ episodes are converted into a podcast series made available on all relevant platforms. This way, any Polkastarter fan and blockchain enthusiast will be able to listen to our informal and educational conversations on their mobile phones on-the-go.
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Latest episodes

Poolside with Polkastarter

#03 A look into the Cryptoverse

It's been a while since the record-breaking Cryptoverse LAND Sale happened on Polkastarter! It was a great catch-up with Cryptoverse Co-Founder Robbeh Cochrane in Poolside #3...

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Poolside with Polkastarter

#02 Move to Earn with DEFY, Dotmoovs and DOSE

Move to earn (M2E) refers to blockchain and crypto projects that incentivize users to move by foot, bicycle, or oither means in order to be compensaqted with monetary rewards. The more you move, the more you can earn...

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Poolside with Polkastarter

#01 Blockchain Gaming with Big Time, WonderHero and Blockchain Monster Hunt

Gaming is evolving rapidly and blockchain is sure to be at the epicenter of some of the major changes coming it's way. For the 'Poolside with Polkastarter 01', we gather a handful of gaming projects including Big Time, WonderHero ...

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We also offer projects the possibility to be featured in thematic articles that we publish on our blog, and that we disseminate on our social networks, before our pool party takes place, to educate the community and get the hype going.

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