#12 Ultra | David Hanson - Levelling up Gaming, Ownership & the Ecosystem


Yeah, I think we can get started while people continue to join in. So thank you everyone for joining Welcome once again to another Poolside with Polkastarter episode where we bring you some of the most exciting projects in the Web3 space. And we have a very informal and conversational chat about everything that the project is doing about, I think this one's gonna be a really interesting conversation, David, I know we've been working together for quite some time now, between the Polkastarter team and the Ultra team. But I won't dive into that yet. I'll let you do an intro in just a second. But for everyone that's tuning in, please make sure that you stay until the very end, because we don't have a pleasant surprise for you. I know you might be used to the OATs that we give away, but this one might be just a tiny bit special. So I’dI tune in until the very end, I won't tell you too much. We'll reward the people that stick around until the end. But there is a lot of I guess good stuff is what I'm going to call it both from the Ultra and the Polkastarter gaming side. So with that being said, with that out of the way, David, thank you so much for joining, I'll let you maybe start things off by telling us a bit more about yourself and what Ultra is for anyone that's been living under a rock for the past 48 hours in our community.


Cool. Thank you so much, Omar. Okay, so short. Intro, so I'm the co-CEO of Ultra, I'm in charge of the platform vision and platform development. In some ways, you can say I'm a futurist, so I kind of try to understand trends and future needs. And based on this, you know, we make a plan, and then we start developing. And so I follow up on the development process in an Ultra. And before that, you know, I've been actually fortunate to be in the game industry working in the game industry for quite some time now. And I've been, you know, kind of touching every interest in every main part of the game industry. So I used to do mobile games. And then I did PC console games. And then I made a video game console for the Chinese market in partnership with Indie, which is essentially a games distribution platform inside hardware. And now I'm you know, making a PC, you know, games distribution platform, but more largely an app ecosystem. And I suppose we will talk about this a little later. But, you know, essentially, everything that I've been doing for the past 20 years are sort of content seeded inside, you know, a single package, which is called Ultra


thing that's short and sweet. But I do want to dive a lot deeper into what you guys are doing an Ultra as well, because it's super exciting. So to start off with, I guess, you know, one of your biggest goals is obviously connecting games to, you know, gamers and gaming communities. Right. So can you walk us through some of the main features that help also do that, whether it's for, you know, the game developers or for the community itself?


Yeah, so maybe taking us a little step back. So we are essentially an app ecosystem. And within this app ecosystem, there is Ultra Games, which is one app, which is a games distribution platform, similar to steam. Then there's a cryptocurrency wallet application, there's a NFT marketplace. There's eSports, tournament platform that will be announced soon. And there's live streaming, there's all kinds of things. So some of these applications are developed by Ultra, some of these application developed by third parties. So you can think of Ultra little bit like iOS or Android Wear application developers can publish their application. And then whoever uses the platform, can then easily discover the services. And so our audience are, we actually have two main audiences. On one side we have at the end game developers. And then on the other side, we have gamers. And so to explain sort of like what the problems we're solving, we actually need to explain, you know, what the problems of both sides are, that we're solving. And so on the side of the application developer and game developer, it's a big problem that you know, everybody's facing is visibility. Like how do you how do you make your game more visible? You know, there's like 300 New Games, sometimes 400 And plus being released every month on Steam alone. And so it's really, really hard even on a single day to, you know, get in front of everybody's computer. And so how do you solve that in the we solve that, you know, not with a single solution, but with a combination of solutions. And many of which are relying on both blockchain technology and more specifically, also NFT technology. So, you know, NFT's are very, very powerful marketing tools, they're very powerful tools to engage with the community to let the community participate, to let the community sort of allow them allow you to crowdsource the community, by rewarding them to do certain actions, which are beneficial for you in terms of marketing in terms of user growth. So like multi level referrals, like, you know, the ability to promote the NFT and earn a commission, like the ability to promote a game, which would bring the user on the platform and earning money by you know, bringing that user on the platform. So there's really a series of functionalities. And then, on the gamer side, I think there's also a discoverability issue. If we're looking at what's going on right now, in the gaming space, there's really more and more platforms that are released, and everybody's sort of hyper specialized in one thing. And so as a result, the user base is fragmented across the industry. And so if you want to do one thing, you go on one platform, you register, and then you learn how it works. And then oh, there's this other service. And then okay, you register, you learn how it works. And, you know, there's all of these different services, they use different tools, maybe they use NFT, they use different types of penalties, or, and so on. And so this very, it's a, it's a huge mess. And so what Ultra does, it's sort of like providing them a one stop shop, where they can register one time. And then there's a way for you to discover these applications, and then you can onboard them without having to register anything. And then of course, this app works seamlessly with your Ultra wallet. And so the nfts that you earn will be displayed conveniently, the you know, marketplace is available for you. And then of course, our layer one blockchain does not require any transaction fees. So you don't need to buy Ultra coins before you can use, you know, any service on the Ultra platform, which makes it super easy. Then the other major major issues that users are facing today, more specifically in the blockchain industry, is that blockchain services are way too complicated. You need to create your blockchain account. You need to you know, know what network you're going to, you know, need to you need to understand what's a secret key is how important it is you're going to have to write down 24 words on a piece of paper that you cannot lose, you're going to need to find a way to buy coins to pay transaction, you're going to need to learn what transaction fees are, you know what gas is in the lots of lots of things that essentially makes it impossible for blockchain companies to address a mainstream audience. And so this is also a problem that we're solving. And so this is a problem we're solving both for developers and for users. And so when you go into Ultra, it really feels like any other platform like web to platform, even though you're really you know, signing blockchain transactions, your keys are generated on your computer, you know, everything is done, you know, property. And, and so this is a this is something that arose then new services to leverage our user base, and then our user base to access the services without having to understand what blockchain technology really is.


Thank you for explaining that. I mean, a lot of great features, one that I really want to highlight, which obviously, you guys have recently launched is the unique marketplace. So can you maybe tell us a bit more about that? How was the launch? Obviously, any challenges that you faced and what's your vision for the marketplace? Side of Ultra?


Yeah, so The the unique marketplace is, is currently in what we internally call a MVP status. So minimum viable product. So it's just, you know, it shows the friction it the core friction it you can, we can launch NFT's, their people can purchase them both with credit card and cryptocurrency on our side, we pay, you know, taxes to the relevant authorities. The NFT's that we sell can have like a royalties connected, you know, surreal setup on the NFT that you sell, which means every time the NFT will be resolved, the NFT will generate the commission to the Creator. And so all of these things are now packaged into something that is simple to use, that validates our technology, that validates our back end, and that, you know, displays also sort of like what the pain points are, for us to move forward. And so we've learned a lot with the launch of the FFT of the first nfts collection, they all sold out very, very fast after we released them. As a result, you know, we we realized sort of sort of like the, the challenges, the technical challenges, how to solve them, like the very first collection, our servers, had a hard time following with requests, and then we solve that we launched another collection, and then we didn't have any server issues. And then now we're sort of, we identified like a problem where too many people are trying to buy the same NFT's. And so we are basically iterating and improving the workflow so that, you know, currently, everybody's trying to buy a NFT. And then they get sold out so fast that a lot of people get an error message is that, okay, transaction field, actually didn't really feel it's just that the NFT is not there anymore. So we know that we need to work on the messaging, you know, instead of saying transaction failed, we should say, you know, it's actually sold out. And then we also know that we should try to mitigate this problem. So we know exactly what we need to do to solve this for the next iteration. It's so that's, that's going to be a very cool for user. And then another thing that we're already working with is to, you know, start iterating on the interface. So we got to call the core building blocks of the platform. Like, for example, we actually have a very powerful search engine. But we really have only two filters right now, which is the price and collection type. And so now, we're going to be easy, since we validated, okay, everything's working performance is acceptable, you know, the sales happen properly. And so now we're going to be making the unique marketplace more convenient by adding more functionality, ways to filter ways to organize your uniques with ways to, you know, find a page to find information about a specific collection, these kinds of things are currently being worked on. And then, and then yeah, it's going to be like a iterative process. And this will, this has started now. And so even, you know, in the coming months, there will be additional updates, and we will continue with updates over the course of you know, the coming months and years. But yeah, the launch was really successful. On the tech side, we're


really happy with, you know, everything went really well. And then on the NFT collections, yeah, we keep cells, you know, setting out I think, you know, this, we we promised a lot of utility for this LFTs but, you know, I still have a lot of ideas for utilities for these NFT's and so this is what's really cool with NFT's is that we can continue to build up utility like you can sell work product and say okay, is gonna do that, okay, does that but then a little later, you can say, well, you know what, this other NFT that you bought a long time ago, now you can use it for this other thing. So this is quite a quite exciting so I think we will be sort of trailblazing, you know, different kinds of utilities and different ways to, you know, engage with the communities and these entities.


Yeah, I was gonna say thank you so much for, for sharing that update. I think it's, it's definitely exciting. And obviously, we're still going to be looking out for more and more collections to launch on the unique marketplace. But, you know, as, as you're speaking, David, I'm on the platform itself, right. And I just want for everyone listening in that maybe hasn't downloaded all triads on their devices. So could you walk us through what you can do at the moment? So I see there's the wallet, I see the marketplace, and obviously, I see theta. So maybe let's start there. And then I'll ask you about what's coming next? Because I know, that's what really excites me.


Yeah, yeah, sure. So on the wallet part, you can, you know, see your balance and equivalent in dollars or euro, depending on where you are in Great Britain, Australia, and so on, you will see your own currency conversion rate. You You can send tokens, you can add a memo, when you send tokens, which is convenient for exchanges and different use cases, you can also swap tokens from into Aetherium. So our tokens can actually coexist on different networks. Now, right now, we only integrated the interface to move tokens to and from Aetherium. But we actually have the bridges for BSC, we have the bridges for, you know, polygon for you know, ELS for words, for all kinds of in changed, and we're going to integrate these, these interfaces. So you can say, well, you know, I got 100 us on Ultra and okay, I want them on Aetherium, you do this one couple of actions, and then you know, you give the address of Aetherium. And then you know, on Aetherium, you will receive your tokens a couple of minutes later, because your theorem is a little slow. But this is really cool. And then it works the other way around as well. And then we also have NFT inventory. So you can see the we you know, NFT so we call them uniques. Not all NFT's are the same. So this is something that may be a little technical, but you know, the NFT's are very dramatically in what they can do. Now, most NFT's today are very rudimentary in functionality and Ultra uniques are, are sort of like the next generation of NFT's that are integrating a lot of corporate greed functionalities, which will be revealed also in the coming month. So this will be really cool. So you can see your NFT's that are there, there's two, there's two different views. You can see them as data cards, or you can switch to a horizontal view which expands horizontally. And when you click on them, you see something we call unique ID cards. And this gives you all the information about this one unit, what the serial number is, you know what the name is the description that in the various images, you can have a gallery, you can also see the properties that these unique has, because there's a lot of properties that can be applied on our NFS. And like, can it be traded? You know, When can it be traded? Is there commission? Is there a minimum price? Is there a region locking? Can you burn it, you know, these kinds of functionalities are embedded in the NFT and then directly visible in a human readable way. So we have these little graphs that allow you to easily understand, you know what this unit can do? And, yeah, so this is for the wallet part. Then on the unit marketplace. We have two sections, one we call the launch pad, which is essentially a store selling brand new NFT. So really when they're being launched. And then what is special about it is that you can purchase them with credit cards as well as cryptocurrencies. So currently we support us, but in the future, we might support order cryptocurrencies for purchasing them. Now, everything that has to do with the secondhand sales of uniques. This happens exclusively with us tokens.


And then and so this first section is the law Launchpad. And then the second set section is the NFT unique marketplace. And so this is where people can sell NFT's on a peer to peer basis. So unlike other NFT marketplaces, you actually never give your NFT to Ultra when you sit in NFT, for sale, it really happens on the NFT contract itself. So we the marketplace is actually embedded in each NFT in some way. So this allows you to sell your uniques without having to give it to anybody, and they stay in your inventory. And then anybody can just buy them from your inventory directly. So it's just it's truly a peer to peer sale. And then the cool thing about this is that as a result, we we sort of have another structure of how the marketplace works. It's like when you set that NFT for sale on Ultra. The and the NFT is not really set on sale on Ultras marketplace, it's really set on sale and blockchain. And then anybody can create a web user interface to display that NFT. And then if somebody purchases it through your web user interface, you're the person that will receive what we call the promoter fee, which is essentially the marketplace v. And so this is very cool, because that means that anybody can create a NFT marketplace. And as soon as you create it, you can display 100% of all uniques that are fulfill, like you don't need to ask anybody, hey, give me your NFT, I'm going to sell it, you can just display them on your NFT marketplace. And whoever purchases it from your interface will basically generate some revenue for you automatically. And so that means that if you set the NFT, for sale on one marketplace, it will be displayed on all marketplaces the same time, which means that there are more users that will see this RFP for sale, which also means that probably you will sell this NFT faster, and also possibly more expensive as a result. And so this is something that is, you know, currently the case with Ultras marketplace, you know, what you see there is really what is on the blockchain and anybody could create NFT marketplace there.


Thank you for that. So now, let me get to the really, really fun question, which is what's coming next for Ultra? I don't want to I don't want to spoil it for anyone else. So I'll let you do the honors.


Okay, so there's there's actually a lot of stuff incoming. So let's start with the main piece of meat, I would say with Ultra Games, which is a games distribution platform. This one has been running in closed beta for quite some time. And we're about to launch it to the public. So anybody will be able to see the application appear in your application bar. So right now, as you mentioned, people see three applications data Ultra, marketplace and the wallet. And soon they will see an update with the


Ultra Games. And so the way you can think of Ultra Games is really similar to steam, except when you purchase the game, you're really purchasing the NFT. And if you own the NFT, the game appears in your inventory. So that means that if the game developer allows you to resell your games, in second hand, you can resell your game just like any other NFT it's 100% the same you will see the NFT in your inventory, you can set it for sale, you can set the price anybody can start selling these NFT on their NFT marketplaces, because of the reasons that I mentioned. And then every NFT is can be where you can see all the properties of this entity. For example, what is the minimum price if there is one? And if there is a royalty resale fee and these kinds of things so this makes it you know really, really interesting because aside from allowing you to resell your secondhand game, you can also attach now utility around this NFT just like any other NFT like this NFT represents the ownership of the game, but at the end of the day, it is a NFT like any other so for example, you could say well, whoever owns our Game NFT gets access to a special discord channel, for example, or gets access to our technical support or gets access to a special tournament and so on. So, this is something that is that is going to allow a lot of exciting thanks, because because the fact that standard, automatically anything that is built today for other types of NFT will work with this type of entity. So So for instance, people are working on the ability to get micro loans, like you said, Okay, well, I want I need five bucks. And I have this game, I don't know Far Cry, it's worth, you know, 50 bucks, well, I'm giving you this heartbreak game and give me $5. And you know, next week, I'll give you the five plus interest back. And if you don't do that, then the lender can keep your your further Far Cry. And do these are things that will be built not necessarily for games, but they will, they will still work for the games because against the NFT like any other. And so around Ultra Games. There's a lot of technology that allows games developers to essentially get access to a self service distribution platform, like steam. Today, their their steam is really the only serious platform capable of doing that. If you look at Epic Games, they are not a self service platform. And other platforms. Also, they're not self service platform. And they all the existing platforms that are there, they all have issues. for game developers, like for example, they don't have DRM, that means that as soon as you buy the game, you can just copy the gaming, send it to a friend, and they can play it, which is problematic for a lot of game developers. So therefore they cannot publish their game to these platforms. And Epic Games doesn't have a DRAM, for example. And we have that. So we will, we will be sort of like the first alternative to steam that has all the bells and whistles. We have an SDK, that support achievements, matchmaking lobby, making friends, a chat, virtual item management and of quests, you know, lots of things which I know people that currently publish their games on Steam to finally go on another platform, because our platform has the same functionality as steam, except we're much cheaper. So So aside from the fact that we you know, of course, our blockchain technology platform that we support, NFS, and so on, we will still be actually the first true alternatives for steam. So it go it goes even beyond, you know what blockchain does. And so this is really exciting for us. And for a lot of game developers, as part of the games distribution platform, there's a series of exclusive games, which will be very cool. And I suppose we will talk about this a little later, in this Twitter, Twitter space.


But in a nutshell, that's going to be a really a big deal. And we're really proud of the work we've done. It seems easy to say, just upload the game. And but actually, it's extremely complicated because you upload the game worldwide, petabytes of data, the speed needs to go well, everywhere. The game developer constantly sends updates, he wants different branches, different languages, different DLCs that are compatible, he wants to auto update. I mean, the whole thing is super complicated, which is probably the reason why there's no real arts alternative to steam. It's also one of the reasons why we've been working so long on this platform. And so that's going to be a big piece. And then around this, there are other platforms. So once I've hinted so there's a Esports tournament platform, which will be announced soon. we've hinted you know the existence but we really didn't explain what it is and who we work with and so on. But that's going to be very, very cool. And this will allow us to further engage with the community create tournaments have prize money and so on. Things that will really grow our user base and attract further develop As on the platform. And then there's another partnerships Partnership, which we announced some time ago. So there's going to be a decentralized exchange that will be published on our blockchain. And it's made by a company called Swissport, which is one of the most, you know, serious blockchain company. Out there, they got, you know, licenses, they're very reputable. And we believe that they are the perfect people to work with to build decks. And these decks will allow users to easily swap tokens they receive from the game for us, and vice versa. And so everything will be very, very liquid, and very seamless in terms of user experience. So these are the ones that we we already announced, and but there are others that will be, you know, announced in the future, you touch


really quickly on the Ultra exclusive game. So I want to kind of maybe poke at you and see how far I can push. But can you tell us a bit more about some of the exclusive games that you're working on?


Yeah, sure. So there's a series of games we secured, there's a lot of games that will not be exclusive, but that will be on Ultra. And then their exclusive games. That is our objective with exclusive games is really grow our user base. So as part of the strategies that we need, first of all, quality games, some things that makes you want to come back on the platform every single day to keep playing. So that's one of the criteria. The second criteria is that we wanted them to be free to play. You know, we want zero friction zero entry barrier, you know, you have a friend that plays it's as though it's really cool, you know, you just download it, you start playing it, and you know, you create your Ultra account, and then boom, you get access to everything, right, like the games distribution platform, the free to play game, but then also the NFT marketplace, the wallet and everything. So we expect people to cross pollinate the further across the app ecosystem. So we got three one FPS game, which we already announced, called a lariam, which is a FPS game made on Unreal Engine five. This one is made by a also a company in Switzerland actually. And then. So this one is more of a, you know, team versus Team. FPS is sort of like a futuristic setup. And then we have another FPS, which we sort of like hinted already, with some screenshots. But really, we haven't shared the name, we haven't shared the who are making it, or what the FPS really is all about. But I can already say that this game is something incredible is to has has never been done in the future in pastoring. It will have any make use of our NFC technology. And this is the kind of game where people will definitely come back every day. And it's a it really makes us have very unique properties of blockchain technology, that wouldn't be possible without blockchain technology. And so it has a deep economy. And we of course, made sure to have no entry barriers. So there's really two aspects to this game on one side, you have pure FPS free to play. And then on the other side, you also have a play to earn competent, which is then more directly to you know, people who are sort of serious in, in running their own digital business. And then this makes use of, you know, cryptocurrency, NFT's and so on, which then of course, require money. So this one is being worked on. It's been worked on for many years. The team is incredible. The team is full of famous game developers that worked on basically I mean, if you if we ask the entire team, what they've done, basically all the favorite games you played somebody of that team, you know, worked on it. It's It's just crazy. So they're currently, you know, finishing the the website of their team, company and game. And as soon as it's ready, we will make that announcement. And then, you know, we're going to start doing a lot of interesting things with our community. So that's that there's a sports related game, which we have not hinted at all yet. So I will keep it like this. But also, it makes use of our NFT technology makes a lot of sense to make this kind of game with LFTs. And then there's another one, which is something also incredible. This will be a technological world premiere, this type of technology has never been made, and has never been used in any commercial product. So this will be something that a lot of people, I mean, everybody that will see it, it's the first time they will see something like that. And this is something that will be also incredible, I've been trying to work with these people for more than 10 years, they've been building this technology secretly tried to invest in them for more than 10 years. And then finally, finally, you know, we came to an agreement, and the first product that will ever be commercialized will be actually published on Ultra and so I'm extremely, you know, happy about it. And again, like, I know, it's very foggy, what I'm explaining, because we keep it secret, it's a big deal, we will make sure that the announcement is, you know, super well prepared, and that we have very cool videos and everything to show. But yeah, that's another one that will, this one will go beyond the game industry, everybody in the world might be interested to try this out. It's not necessarily a game, it's more of a sort of social,


or like, it's not experiment, but it experience, let's say it like this, it's more of a social experience. And this will apply and be usable by anyone. And we will, the cool thing with this thing is that a lot of people will keep making screenshots over the years. And these screenshots will be shared across internet, because of you know, the amazing things that they do show. And this will of course, because the this thing is exclusive to Ultra will automatically lead to further user growth of the Ultra platform. And again, like I mentioned before, it's gonna be like cross pollinating the rest of the ecosystem.


I mean, tons of stuff to be super excited about. I know a bit more than what you're sharing. So I think it's gonna be gonna be really exciting. With some of these exclusives. Are we talking exclusives, but I do know that some people in the crowd listening might be you know, game developers or game publishers or studios. So um, I want to ask maybe from their perspective, how can they start working with Ultra? How can they get in touch? How can they make the most out of the platform and all the tech and services that you


offer? Yeah, cool. So I think first of all, it's really important to know that Ultra is this, the Ultra Games platform is blockchain agnostic. So let's say you've been building a game using another blockchain technology. You know, steam doesn't allow you to distribute this kind of game anymore. They refuse NFT cryptocurrency based games, Epic Games, they said, Yes, we will distribute games. But actually, Epic Games is not a self service platform. So what they really meant is if we choose your game, and if you use NFT technology, we will still publish it, but they're choosing their games. That's that's the problem is that nobody can just go and say I'm publishing your game. So we, whatever NFC technology you use, we will still publish you. So we want to be sort of the home for blockchain powered games, and you will have the guarantee no matter what, okay, you have a home. And so that's something that I think is important to mention. Of course, using our NFC technology and our blockchain will you know, improve your game and also will make the user experience much better than saying you know, once you launch the game, hey installed this wallet right on piece of be able to do that on Ultra, you wouldn't have to do that. But still, if you know you have something like this, we're fine for you to distribute your game on Ultra. So the best way to get in touch with us is to reach out to OBL who is in charge of onboarding developers communicating with developers. So you can go on our Discord channel, and you can immediately reach to OBL or you can go on our website and fill in the contact form. And then we can have a discussion with you. And sometimes we also offer developers to, you know, exclusivity deals, it's really on a case by case basis, it's not necessary. So if you say, Well, you know, I'm still going to self publish, or do XYZ, and that's perfectly fine with us, that we are interested in some titles to be exclusive. And so we're really opened. And what we're trying to do is to really help game developers. And so if you have issues if you have questions, okay, how do I do that? If you say, Well, you know, I'm interested in NFTs, you know, I don't understand the tech or I want something easy to integrate. And so this is our, our strength at Ultra. So we will talk to you, we will try to understand your needs, and we will explain you how you could achieve it, you know, probably, we could also explain you quite easily why our blockchain technology is it will be the right choice for you.


Thank you. Thank you for that. So we talked, you know, game developers and publishers. Now maybe let's talk partners. So I'll start with our partnership, I guess, maybe maybe explain a bit more. What does that mean for, I guess, partners and games in both ecosystems? And then I want to maybe shed some light on what kind of partnerships are you looking for as well, because I know, you mentioned Swiss Borg briefly. Obviously, the export guys are friends of ours, as well. And I think we have that as a mutual partner. So I want to maybe understand or help everyone else, listening and understand how working together could really change things around, and how we can really make the most out of this partnership. Yeah, so.


So it's been it's been, like, it's funny, because we we've been talking and working together for you know, more than a year and we just announced our partnership now. And, you know, we, the truth is, like, since day one, there is the very good understanding on our side that NFT's and cryptocurrencies are obviously a very convenient way to crowd fund project. Like we're talking of crowdfunding against, but it could be crowdfunding, a DLC could be crowdfunding functionality that there's a lot of possibilities. In so Polka starter has been doing, you know, ideals for quite some time. They've been very successful, you guys have been very successful at doing it. You guys are, you know, one of the most serious company out there. And so it only made sense for us to partner with you guys. Like we're because we obviously we had a discussion, okay, do we doing this ourselves. And it's just, it's impossible for us to do that. Because you really need a dedicated team. And there's a lot of work involved in what you guys are doing. And so, for us, it's, it just makes sense to say, Well, you guys are doing this, we're doing another thing, essentially, we have them sort of like the content in some way. And then you guys have the, you know, sales platform and the user base, and then we also content for our platform. And so it's just a very symbiotic relationship. Like okay, you call you, you know, last day. Once more you you you guys reached out to say, Okay, we bought this game, it's a you know, they're they're looking for a distribution platform and they're, they're really like Ultra and then we just have this introduction and then we talk with them and then we can help each other so you know, we can help make the game a success and then you guys can help make the game a success. And then together everybody, everybody's winning, including your community and including our community. And so it is it for me it was extremely obvious partnership to make and I think Daniel and you Omar and I think everybody on your site also there was zero friction when we discussed about this deal is like oh yeah, we should do that. Yes, of course. And so I think over the time, as the platform, as both of our platform will, you know, mature, they will be in my in my guess they will be more in more integration of our respective technology. Definitely, you know, focus starter, I definitely see it as the app in Ultra. But also eventually, even within focus starter, like maybe it's sort of kind of like a Kickstarter, you know, today, you have a kick, you have Kickstarter, you, you bet back up again. And then you basically you're being told, okay, well, when the game is ready, we will give you, for example, a stinky, that maybe, you know, they're late, or whatever happens, maybe you lose your patients, there's nothing you can do about it. But if you tokenize, the rights of this, and this game, as an NFT, even if you lose your patients, you can still sell that NFT. And so I think that's quite interesting. And you could even have speculators. It's possible, that's as well, I backed the game. And, you know, I think that, you know, later I can sell these games more expensive, it's possible, it's good for the developer, it helps them further Crowdfunder their content. So I think yes, setting games in the form of NFT. And then we add Ultra, we can make sure that eventually, when the game is actually published on Ultra that these NFT appear as a game in your games library. And so this, all these things, I think, makes so much sense. And it's, it's now really just a matter on both sides to sort of like, further cooperate, and, you know, see how we can improve our users experience over time.


Thank you for mentioning that, David. I mean, it's, it's really exciting for our game partners as well, because it goes both ways, right. So if you have potentially a game that is looking to raise or you know, you any kind of token sale, etc. Like, you can directly refer them to book a starter. And then vice versa, if we have any games that are looking for distribution, it's a no brainer to then kind of go the route of going to Ultra, plus also all the tech that's going to still come out. So you know, we've done toward them as the pocket starter gaming, for example, you store them, it's going to be hosted in Ultra indulge arena as well, once once that's ready, so I think exactly, definitely exciting. It's definitely a lot of, yeah, it's gonna be a lot of fun moving forward, I think as well, as more and more features start rolling out on both sides. I do want to because I'm just cautious of the time, I do want to touch on one last question. But before I do that, I'll remind everyone, thank you, again, for watching and tuning in until the very end, we do have a tweet that will go up with a forum link, once you fill that out, you will be eligible to claim our Oatey on chain achievement token. And that will essentially put you in the run for some really exciting rewards towards the end. I think, David from your side, we're giving away 10 spots, early access for Ultra Games, if I'm not mistaken. And we're doing my side 10 Early Access passes to any of the games in our ecosystem. I think if you guys like MMO RPG is big time is probably the easiest to get you on. But we'll talk about that later in our Discord community. So we'll pin the tweet in a second. And then I'll have to give you a secret code. The guys have been trying to torture me and give me a very difficult very difficult words to mention. But But David, my last question for you is, obviously you talked about a lot of stuff moving forward and what you're looking to launch towards the end of the year, but what really excites you about, you know, the future for Ultra and I guess Web3 gaming in general? Because I mean, I want to take a more broad view in this scenario, because you know, there's tons of stuff happening, we're hearing about free to own play and earn faith or like there's so much happening in the space so quickly. So I just want to maybe ask you what excites you about what's coming next?


I think the thing that excites me the most is what's going to happen with Ultras app ecosystem. Because what what does blockchain games really allow you to do, it's to really interact with the game outside of the game. And this is something that we are about to see in the coming year. So you know, I don't know like, let's assume you you have land and there's a mine on it and you can you know, collect some gold every now and then and if you don't do it like it stopped producing because there's like a maximum thing. Well, you know, with Blockchain games, you wouldn't necessarily have to launch the game and so you can just do a blockchain transaction that says you know, collect The goal, for example, this is just to make it really, really simple, then. So what that means is that now, instead of saying, okay, launch the game on your computer, play the game. And then after, okay, I need to go to work or to school or whatever, suddenly you're disconnected from your PC, and then you move to another life on your mobile, and, you know, do other stuff. But here, you will be able to continue that. And so when you will, all of these functionalities that are sort of like site apps, or companion apps, if you will, you know, they will be incredibly convenient inside the Ultra app ecosystem. And so I am excited to see sort of like all the innovation that will be derived from that, that these games, the Second Life, beyond the game, will be enabled by new functionalities and statistics that will show well, this thing has been so many times, Oh, somebody's producing much more of these types of goods. And like you can, you'll see these things, and some of them will be simple, you know, gamified stuff, some of them will be much more sort of professional looking, but hyper specialized around again, to really understand the economy. And so you can make better decisions. And all these apps and services will be publishable as a as an app directly inside Alteryx. So I this is the part that I'm really the most excited about is sort of all the diversity and exciting things that we will allow people to build and to publish in Ultra. So instead of having, okay, I got steam, and you know, there's the same services. And you know, here you will have, you know, Ultra Ultra services, but then there's all these other things that are either made by professionals or by students that are for gain for service for you know, generally for different, maybe trading statistics may be, you know, a better way for hiring your army of players or communicating and clans. All of these things, I this is really what excites me all the creativity that is yet to be tapped into, by means of, you know, opening Ultras technology and Ultras platform.


Thank you for that, David. I mean, before we wrap things up, I do want to encourage everyone that's been tuning in. First of all, if you missed out on the AMA, definitely check out the recording. Also check it out on Spotify, Apple podcast, and anywhere else that you like listening to podcasts, but 100%, make sure that you do download the Ultra platform, start playing around with it. Currently, you can essentially play around with the wallet data and the marketplace. But as David mentioned, Ultra Games is what's coming next. And I think that's going to be super, super exciting. I can't wait to see, you know, all the games that we started getting listed on there, I can't wait to, you know, get that same experience that we're so familiar with as gamers in the traditional space of having a game directory, whether it's you know, Steam, Epic Games, Riot launcher, etc. But very, very focused on kind of what we really believe in, which is an FPS and ownership and so on. So, before wrapping things up, I'm just waiting on that tweet. So you have to wait with me, David. I want to give you kind of the opportunity. We usually do this. I'm still struggling to find the perfect outro for our podcast, and I keep asking my guests. So why don't we give you a shot. David, let's let's wrap things up for everyone that's tuning in. And then I'll give the secret code out towards the end and then we'll wrap things up.


All right. Okay. Well, thank you, everybody. For you know, being here. I think both focus starter and Ultra is very grateful for your support for sharing the news for sharing, you know, your love. We're going to keep pushing the limits of Web3, we're I think both of our companies are definitely spearheading what is to come. And there's a lot of exciting things. Both of us are working both independently, but also as a core cooperating company, team. So we're looking forward to hear you very soon. And we'll stay around on social networks. Thank you very much.


I like that we might use that on every episode, the cool sort of the three this now pins. The secret code that you guys need to put in is pretty straightforward. It's unique. So not the actual word, but the Ultra word. So you and I Q. I'll repeat that one more time, you and IQ. And yeah, just a reminder that'll put you in the run not only obviously to be eligible for the oath claim, but also for the Ultra Games giveaway and the pgje early access to the games that We're working with David, thank you so much. Sorry, we we kept you for so long. But we can go on for hours and hours, I think talking about everything you guys are doing. And we're super excited for, you know, the partnership and everything that's yet to come. And for everyone else that's tuned in. Thank you so much for sticking around until the very end. And yeah, wish you all the best. David will be speaking very, very soon and I can't wait to get my hands on some of these exclusives as well. Awesome.


Thank you so much. Thank you, everybody. Bye